We all look like we feel.

I love:
That I'm a college graduate, My God, My sister!, SPORTS!, The Jonas Brothers, Justin Timberlake, Apple, my MacBook Pro, video chatting with my sister, being Southern, Tim Tebow, the fact that the Florida Gators are the National Champions, Titans Football, reading good books, Vince Vaughn, SNL, Andy Samberg, SNL Digital Shorts, watching episodes of 30 Rock on the internet, The Lonely Island, Anderson Cooper, Harry Potter, The Hills, Best Buy, my iPod, movies, March Madness, DUKE BASKETBALL, Lady Vols Basketball, SEC Football, watching The Office and crushing on John Krasinski, Dwight Schrute, Mike Rowe, Baja Fresh, Chuck, Zachary Levi, VH1, my Altima, scarves, Google & Google Earth, getting my hair done, marking through things that are finished, warm blankets, the holiday season and Christmas!, Jack FM, Coach bags, my North Face Tri-Climate Jacket, Photoshop CS, YouTube, CNN, The Colbert Report, Anderson Cooper 360, SportsCenter, Josh Elliott, Tiger Woods, TBS, Food Network, Bobby Flay, Justin Timberlake, T.I.'s rap verse in "My Love", Harry Potter, Nashville, Raleigh, Josh Groban, curling up on my bed and watching Friends reruns, pearls, Tiffany & Co., The Mall at Green Hills, the Olympics, The Fray, concerts at the Ryman, and music.

I hate:
Having my car stolen, drivers on I-24, MATH, Biology, The fact that I'll never wait in line at midnight for a Harry Potter book again, when people drive slow in the passing lane, always being backed up in traffic on West End, Murfreesboro traffic, the heat wave, long periods of time without seeing my sister, people who can't spell or use correct grammar, when people say GD, crazy people on the internet, obnoxious Dallas Cowboy fans, Terrell Owens, Bill "Papa Bear" O'Reilly, Kenny Chesney, UConn, Memphis, and I really hate The UNC Tar Heels.